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Sandhill Crane (WDFW Image)


30th Cowlitz Columbia CBC Results

On January 1, 2012 the 30th 3CBC was held as part of Audubon's 112th Christmas Bird Count. Twenty-Two field observers and 3 feeder watchers joined and spent the sunny day finding 17,771 birds and a record 105 species. The temperature ranged from 36° to 48°. This was the nicest day we have had in many years.

We had several high counts: 139 Great Blue Heron, 558 Tundra Swan, 60 Trumpeter Swan, 165 Mourning Dove, 105 Eurasian Collared-Dove, 3 Barn Owl, 2 Short-eared Owl, 21 Anna’s Hummingbird, 16 Northern Harrier, 47 Red-tailed Hawk, 20 Bald Eagle, 33 American kestrel, 60 Northern Flicker, 123 Western Scrub Jay, 8 Brown Creeper, 19 Marsh Wren, 18 Bewick’s Wren, 472 American Robin, 15 Lincoln’s Sparrow, 6 White-throated Sparrow, and 71 American Gold Finch.

Seen during count week:  3 Ruddy Duck, 1 Brown Pelican, 1 Oregon Dark-eyed Junko (Pied), and 1 Evening Grosbeak. New to the count this year: 21 Black-bellied Plover and 3 Thayer’s Gull.

Thank you all for a great job and a great potluck. Hope to see you all next year on Tuesday, Jan 1, 2013.

Leadbetter Point CBC Results

One of two Snowy Owls found by the Leadbetter Point Christmas Bird Count. Image: Shawn SchmelzerMany thanks to everyone that participated in the 2011 Leadbetter Point Christmas Bird Count on December 17.  For those of you not familiar with Leadbetter Point, it is a 15-mile radius circle generally in the area around Willapa Bay.  This year, we had a total of 34 participants working in five sectors and two participants monitoring feeders.

We had good weather with temperatures ranging from freezing to about 50-degrees.  Winds were not a factor. This sounds like perfect birding weather, right?  It was!

In total, we identified 110 species with about half being water fowl and shore birds and the other half upland species.  The least found group was owls with only 2 snowy owls being spotted.  The most common species was Dunlin with 29,950 spotted.  Second was Northern Pintail duck at 16,141.  No rare species were seen but species unusual to the Willapa Bay area in December included Western Scrub Jay (5), Brown Pelican (1) and Orange-Crowned Warbler (30).

Most participants were from the Longview-Kelso-Castle Rock area.  A few from Long Beach-Ilwaco.  Others came from Seattle, Portland and Alaska to be day-long participants.  We had four new people turn out and we hope they make the C an annual event.

Final 2011 Cowlitz County Bird List is now available

It was a stunningly high species count with a great start of unusual waterfowl especially on the Columbia at Woodland, followed by an amazing spring variety of shorebirds, a breeding season with a couple bonuses, a late fall with hordes of out of the area folks visiting for the rarities and finding additions and ending with a New Year's Eve Brown Pelican over the Columbia between Longview and Kalama.

203 species--WOW.

Find the list as a pdf in our Wildlife Sightings area.

Snowy Owl in Ridgefield NWR

Snowy Owl - Image R. J. Maupin

A special visitor to the Ridgefield NWR as seen in December 2011.

Barred Owl seen in Longview

Barred Owl (Roger Werth / Daily News)Check this article in the Daily News about a Barred Owl seen in the 30th Ave area in Longview WA.

Also, some locations in Washington and Oregon have reported sightings of snowy owls, which are rarely seen locally.

"Every few years the conditions in the Arctic force some of the owls southward to find adequate food," said local birder and Willapa Hills Audubon Society member Darrel Whipple of Rainier, Oregon.

"At any rate, northwest birdwatchers are excited to see these magnificent birds whenever an irruption occurs. About 25 years ago one of our WHAS members had a Snowy Owl perch on her rooftop in Longview and stay in the neighborhood for a week, creating quite a sensation for the neighbors and local birders."


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