Lake Sacajawea Invasive Weed Cleanup on the South Island

Our 'VolunteersWillapa Hills Audubon and the LCC Biological Society conducted a scotch broom and holly removal on Lake Sacajawea at 10:00 AM Friday, June 19th.  We met near the Elk’s Memorial Building on Kessler Blvd across from the south island at 10:00 and ferryed participants across to the island.  We worked for 2 to 3 hours. This was the last work party at Lake Sacajawea until fall.
THANK YOU to all who attended.
If you are interested in joining future parties, please call (360-575-9238) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  John Green, to be added to the list of volunteers.



WHAS works to remove invasive plants from Lake Sacajawea Islands

Carolyn is ready to tackle the ivyWHAS has been working with the City of Longview Parks Department and the Lower Columbia College Biological Society to remove invasive plants from Lake Sacajawea habitat islands that are only accessible by boat.  Our most recent workday, as mentioned here in The Daily News, succeeded in removing almost all of the scotch broom from the north island, with a single plant left in place because it contained a red-wing black bird nest.

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Vegetation Survey at Nelson Creek

The Vegetation Survey at Nelson Creek on 5/30/2009 was a success, but we didn't finish with all of our sites. We went to preselected random sites and marked them with a hopefully permanent stake and collected information on percent cover, species composition, tree diameter and also took reference pictures. We would like to finish the work soon, probably during a weekend day in June between the 13 and 28th. Well need a few helpers to help hike/wade to the spots.

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Snowy Plover / Horned Lark Project

The two year period covered by our joint chapter grant (with Grays Harbor Audubon) which supported Leadbetter Point habitat restoration volunteer efforts, has ended.  But in a last-minute surprise, Lynn Tennefoss of National Audubon generously intervened on our behalf and arranged that we may continue the project.  Funding will continue, perhaps for as long as another two years.

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Fox Creek Work Day

On Earth Day, April 18, WHAS members joined Friends of Fox Creek to remove invasive English ivy and blackberries and improve the trail at Fox Creek in Rainier, OR.

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