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Volunteer Opportunity: Purple Martin Count and Banding

Purple Martin - Image by Suzy Whittey
Purple Martin - Image by Suzy Whittey

Randy Hill, along with Cindy McCormack, will be banding and counting purple martins again this summer at various locations in SW Washington.

They will likely have 3, possibly 4 banding sessions in July and August, about 10-14 days apart.  “Everyone will have a chance to see up close and handle nestlings, learn aging comparing nestlings to representative photos of plumage, feather emergence and patterning.  As with band searches and attempts to ID we will sex and age adults and yearlings.”  Locations include Ridgefield NWR, Julia Butler Hanson NWR and Indian Jack Slough, the Columbia Land Trust property near Cathlamet, as well as others.

Randy says that birders are welcome to count birds at gourd and nest box locations themselves, following guidelines he can provide interested parties.  He recommends having 2 scopes and several spotters from different spotting angles for accuracy.  These counts can begin at any time.

For more information and to volunteer to help with banding This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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