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Do Oregon or Washington need LNG?

Commentary by Gloria G. MacKenzie for The Daily News, published Sunday, March 29, 2009

Almost exactly two years ago, The Daily News  ran my first commentary (“Let’s not guess with LNG”). I asked if we citizens had a say in the “need” for liquefied natural gas. Without hesitation, the public and its representatives definitely have the right and responsibility to add our 2 cents. (Should that figure be raised in light of every thing else?) This prompts me to correct misconceptions in the editorial of March 17. I will try to simplify some of these complex issues.

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Birds and Climate Change: Ecological Disruption in Progress

National Audubon recently-released Birds and Climate report clearly shows that climate change is affecting birds – and our world – now.

For the past 40 years, as our climate has warmed, birds have shifted their winter ranges further and further north. This ecological disruption is yet another wake up call that we must act quickly to solve the climate crisis. The birds' northward movement is another signal that climate change is here and action is needed now.

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News from the Education Committee

On January 5th Gloria Nichols and Darrel Whipple presented a  new PowerPoint program on "Gardening to Attract Birds" to the Master Gardener Foundation of Cowlitz County at the Convention Center.  About 25 people attended, including some members of the public who had read the announcement in The Daily News. Gloria and Darrel also showed off half a dozen of the mounted specimens from the Lower Columbia River Wildlife Collection. Help in developing the program was provided by Kali Robson, Alice Richter, Shirley Lutz, Greg Gillson and Rob Whipple.

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