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Update on Cooper Island

We have received an update from George Divoky, our favorite arctic scientist. He writes from Cooper Island while conducting his continuing research on the Black Guillimot colony on Cooper Island. George invites you to go to his links to learn more about what is going on this summer.

"Yesterday brought the first major surprise of the summer when I found a recently hatched Glaucous Gull chick - a first for Cooper Island. Guillemot chicks are also hatching and I will be busy in the next week getting dates of hatching for the 146 active guillemot nests.

This has been a cooler and wetter summer than most recent ones and much ice is still visible from the island, unlike last year when there was only open water by this date. Check out our blog www.adventures-in-climate-change.com and/or website www.cooperisland.org for more information and check back during August to see how the ice retreat affects the guillemots and polar bears. Have a good rest of the summer and thanks much for your interest and support.


If you like to know more about George Divoky and his research on Birds and what influence Climate Change has on the Guillimot watch this amazing video:

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