News from the Education Committee

On January 5th Gloria Nichols and Darrel Whipple presented a  new PowerPoint program on "Gardening to Attract Birds" to the Master Gardener Foundation of Cowlitz County at the Convention Center.  About 25 people attended, including some members of the public who had read the announcement in The Daily News. Gloria and Darrel also showed off half a dozen of the mounted specimens from the Lower Columbia River Wildlife Collection. Help in developing the program was provided by Kali Robson, Alice Richter, Shirley Lutz, Greg Gillson and Rob Whipple.

On February 28th Darrel displayed a selection of the mounted specimens at the Annual Banquet of Friends of Fox Creek at Rainier's Old Hall ("Big Green"). Friends of Fox Creek is a minor partner with WHAS in sponsoring the collection.

They have been using the transport platform that Darrel had devised for moving the mounts to and from the biology lab. WHAS covered the expenses, Darrel built the platform using Velcro strips on a rectangle of plywood with corresponding strips on the bases of mounts -- (call Darrel if you want to borrow it). It accommodates 4 to 6 mounts and slides easily onto a back seat or cargo area. This system seems to work pretty well to facilitate pick-up and return and to prevent accidental damage to the mounts in transit.

Wildlife Salvage Permits:

At the end of 2008 Louis LaPierre and Darrel  inventoried the mounted specimens and the frozen-storage specimens and compiled the activities of the year under our current licenses.  They  reported the wildlife salvaged to USF&WS, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife and Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife on the required forms. They also applied for renewal of two of the three licenses that had come due (the third is due in April). They are now listing Louis as the permittee or co-permittee (along with me) on the licenses. The education committee is very pleased to see this program continue with WHAS's support and Louis's capable leadership.

Two "carcasses of interest" in the freezer right now -- among many others --  are a Merlin from Cathlamet (window-kill) and a Double-crested Cormorant (vehicle-kill) from Lake Sacajawea

Upcoming Events

Aug 14;
WHAS Annual Picnic
Sep 10-11;
Puget Sound Bird Fest
Sep 23-25;
Wings over Willapa Festival
Oct 08;
Board Meeting
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