Bird Counts

September/October 2016 Cowlitz County Bird List

Courtesy of the US FWS

Clark's Nutcracker - Image courtesy of the US FWS

Russ Koppendrayer's says of the last two months:

Only three species added to the list in the last couple months as is typical for this time of year. Also fairly typical was the fact that all three are rare visitors to our area. An amazing ten Clark's Nutcrackers were seen at the Forest Learning Center near the Mt. St. Helens National Monument. This species is common to the Cascade crest near Mt. Adams, but this is only the third record in Cowlitz County. A Brown Pelican was photographed flying rapidly UPSTREAM at Woodland, a species that rarely comes anywhere near this far up the Columbia and is more associated with salt water. Also a third record for Cowlitz was a Pelagic Cormorant photographed swimming in the Columbia at Woodland. As its name suggests this too is a species that rarely gets upstream past the brackish water of the estuary.

Two months left for some more exciting finds, so as usual get out there and do some birding.

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July/August 2016 Cowlitz County Bird List

Russ Koppendrayer's take:

As is fairly typical of the July - August period we added only a few species, primarily regular species that we had missed earlier and some that we find most years, but also sometimes miss.

Coming up is that late fall and early winter season which can be most productive for vagrants that have never been encountered in the county before or only once or twice. Many times these are young birds that get their migration route a little confused.

Let's get out there and enjoy the movement of the birds.

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April 2016 Cowlitz County Bird List

April was slower than usual for adding new species to the list, possibly due to a lack of coverage as some of our more active birders spent big portions of the month out of the county. There were no reports of unexpected species. Even Cassin's Vireo and Nashville Warbler which show as less than annual probably pass through in small numbers each year as migrants, but aren't seen or reported every year. Since they don't stay to nest they can be missed some years. Many of the April additions were in the last week and as migration peaks in May we should be finding more on a regular basis this month, the most exciting time for many birders.

Download the pdf file here.


June 2016 Cowlitz County Bird List

Russ Koppendrayer's says of 2016 so far:

We have reached the half way point in the year with exactly the same number of species as last year at this time when we set a record for the most species seen in the county for a calendar year in the ten years of this project. Last year we did have a phenomenal run of unusual species from mid-October through mid-December to reach that 207 species total. Since we have seen the winter birds and a migration into the breeding season, additions to the 192 species to date will come much slower and I'll be sending updates every two months rather than monthly for the rest of the year as usual.

Download the pdf file here.


First 2016 Cowlitz County Bird List (January)

Here is what Russ Koppendrayer says of January 2016:

We got off to our usual outstanding start with a record number of species on the January 1st Christmas Bird Count. The highlight of that day was a 1st for the count Black Phoebe. This was also a 3rd record for Cowlitz County. We also found a number of species that are less than annual during the month as well as a few species earlier in the year to get the big start on the year list. Please continue to report your finds on Tweeters, eBird or directly to me as we try to best 2015's banner year.

Download the pdf file here.